sgal: strohel's gallery

This page will be filled with info about sgal, a dynamic web gallery written in PHP.


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sgal is distributed under GNU GPL version 2 or higher (of your choice). © Copyright 2006-2009 hold by Matěj Laitl.


Version 0.5.3 was released on 2009-03-01

Changes since 0.5.2:

Matej Laitl (10):
      pic.php: fix DTD address to make happy again
      sgal_list_dirs(): ignore empty directories
      inc_links.php: allow gallery to be in non-root dir in non-mod-rewrite mode
      gal.php: fix { } braces not added after if()
      pic.php: URLs in JavaScrtipt should not have & replaced with &
      small fix for print_document_relations - array keys need not to be continuos
      Allow gi.php to generate errors even when php was compiled with --disable-posix
      implement different storage directory using new STORAGE_DIR config option
      get rid of obsolete rating system. introduce SHOW_IMAGE_FILENAMES option. cleanups.
      bump version to 0.5.3


You can get all released versions from releases list. All releases are signed with my public PGP key.